What is CS?

CS is an integrated corporate governance profession that

  • Creates strong foundation for sound legal acumen.
  • Prepares the students for handling critical business situations.
  • emphasizes on legal compliance and governance in corporate transactions for regulated growth.

Why CS?

  • Appointment of a CS is mandatory under Companies Act, 2013 (Every company with a paid up capital exceeding 5 crores shall appoint a Whole -Time Company Secretary).
  • Enormous number of opportunities (presently there are around 50000 qualified company secretaries whereas the Companies aremore than 13,00,000 pan India).
  • Catapulted to top management position in the very first job opportunity.
  • The greatest highlights of the course is that it gives an entry in to corporate Board Rooms and direct interaction with the Directors of the Company.
  • Best suited for career employment and self-employment (in whole time practice) equally both for men and women.
  • No business can thrive without legal hassles without the advise of a CS.
  • Attractivepay packages even for the beginners.

Why Coaching?

Having chosen the professional courses, the next challenge is to study and pass the exams.  As the standard of exams is quite high, one has to choose a good coaching centre for guidance.

Why Should I Join A Professional Course?

The global employment scenario is changing day-by-day. The focus currently is on core-competency of each individual. The Professional courses will help individual in choosing one’s macro and micro expertise areas.

CS Career Prospects And Opportunities?

CS Professional have bright future. It is one of the powered and prestigious job profiles. Candidates after completing the course get chance to work in stock exchange ,company affairs department, law board and various government depatments.

Company Secretary Course opens carious avenues for an individual in the world off business and finance. A trained and certified Company Secretary can work as an independent advisor to a firm for procedures of loans ,taxes,partnerships,government licenses,registrations,etc.or join a company secretary firm to render services to its clients