Types of Job Roles in CS

The different capacities in which a Company Secretary can work are as follows: Legal Advisor Chief Administrative Officer Principal Secretary Member of Board of Directors Corporate Policymaker Corporate Planner Company Registrar CS Skill Set: This is a job that requires perseverance, mental strength and strong convincing power. Some of the desirable skillset for this job […]

Experience on CS Foundation

As well said, “WORK HARD AND DREAM BIG”, it’s better to plan first for achieving something because “A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH.” This journey started from the seminar which changed my life completely and that was the first step towards my career.I am a regular B. Com student and at first[…..]

Employment Prospects

A qualified Company Secretary has openings in Employment and as Practising Independent Professional Company Secretary in Employment: Company Secretary has been recognized as Key Managerial Personnel along with the Chief Executive Officer/managing director/manager, whole-time director and Chief Financial Officer. Being Key Managerial Personnel, Company Secretary is required to be mandatorily appointed in every company belonging[…..]

What is CS?

CS CAREER PROSPECTS AND OPPORTUNITIES: CS professionals have bright future. It is one of the powered and prestigious job profiles. Candidates after completing the course get chance to work in stock exchange, company affairs department, law board and various government departments. Company Secretary Course opens various avenues for an individual in the world of business[…..]