Experience on CS Foundation

As well said, “WORK HARD AND DREAM BIG”, it’s better to plan first for achieving something because “A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH.”

This journey started from the seminar which changed my life completely and that was the first step towards my career.I am a regular B. Com student and at first everyone was saying that it will be very stressful managing both the degrees, but that’s where the fun arises.

Who says Hard work doesn’t pay off? When it’s time, it does. Clearing CS foundation is not as hard as it sounds.I was thrilled to see my result and I realized that Hard-work, dedication and a little bit of smart study can help you achieve flying colours…. or most probably a RANK!!!!!This kind of examination requires preparation for months and unlike a school examination where the course can be covered over a shorter period of time. I completely owe my success to my parents who motivated me to study hard and my Teachers.

When it comes to studies, I had to allot certain number of hours in a day to study. I always followed a plan for completing my syllabus on time. I attended the classes consistently, always revised what I studied in the day. That made me complete my syllabus on time and gave me time to do some extra work like solving previous years question papers and do a lot practice of the study material also. After reading the material provided by the institute, I also worked out the scanners to understand the pattern of the previous year question papers. I prepared notes for certain chapters like company law, negotiable instruments etc to be able to easily remember the relevant and important provisions. In case of accounts and statistics I used shortcuts wherever possible in order to save time. I started solving question papers online and the practice papers provided by the institute a month before the examination. I felt solving online papers helped in approaching the exam in a well-equipped manner. By solving papers, I was able to identify my weak areas and work on it. This helped in boosting up my confidence and gave me the courage to face the examination.

During the exam time, the effort made earlier made it easy to appear for the exam confidently.Managing time is a problem everybody says but I say if you are focused on achieving what you want to, you will not require to think of the time that is required for the same. I always found time for revision and consistency made it easier for me to do this.Time management is also important. You have to give equal importance to all subjects.

I want to share my thoughts for students of CS Foundation who are appearing in coming exams, first of all Foundation is neither easy nor hard to crack. Always you have to keep motivating yourself for study. All we need is two things that is HARD WORK and PERSEVERANCE. If you have got these two things then believe me my friends there is nothing you can’t achieve. So HAVE A DREAM AND ALSO STRENGTH and GUTS TO FULFIL THAT DREAM. NEVER GIVE UP, no matter what some ideas that might help you are:-

  • Study 4 hours a day properly.
  • Read each and every line, keep Highlighter and highlight the important points and Revise those points.
  • Complete your course once before a month from exam at least.
  • Work hard and believe in yourself.
  • When Exams are near don’t focus on doing every topic but make the strong ones your strongest.
  • Work smart not hard.

At last I will say that don’t study just to pass the examination or to achieve success but be SUCCESSFUL so that to be an inspiration for others. I feel proud to be a C.S student and that’s my identity that I do what I likeSo love your profession and there is nothing impossible just separate the words and say “I-M-POSSIBLE”.



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