What is CS?


CS professionals have bright future. It is one of the powered and prestigious job profiles. Candidates after completing the course get chance to work in stock exchange, company affairs department, law board and various government departments.

Company Secretary Course opens various avenues for an individual in the world of business and finance. A trained and certified Company Secretary can work as an independent advisor to a firm for procedures of loans, taxes, partnerships, government licenses, registrations, etc. or join a company secretary firm to render services to its clients.No business can succeed without the advise of a CS.

Key Responsibilities of a Company Secretary includes:

  • To keep the company’s records; maintain company’s tax returns; advise the Board of Directors of their legal obligations for compliance with statutory legislation
  • A Company Secretary is an important link between the company and its Board of Directors, shareholders, regulatory authorities, government and other stake holders.
  • The job includes ensuring that Board procedures are followed and regularly reviewed; and providing guidance to Chairman and the Directors on their responsibilities under various laws.
  • Advising on good governance and compliance of norms as prescribed under various Corporate, Securities and other Business laws and regulations and guidelines made thereunder.
  • Company Secretary also assists in developing a corporate and social sustainability framework.
  • Company Secretary is responsible for secretarial compliance audit and certification services and representing the company on before the law board, consumer forums, tax tribunals, securities appellate tribunal, registrars etc.
  • Advising on arbitration, negotiation and conciliation in commercial disputes between the parties and drafting agreement
  • Advisory services to companies on tax management and tax planning under Income Tax, Excise and Customs laws, Service Tax and VAT etc.


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